Today Was A Good Day

I hired a high school girl who is most likely a better rider than me (different disciplines but does it matter?) to work in the barn for about an hour a day while I'm at work.

In the winter especially, she has been a serious Godsend. The difference in manure scooping and hay hauling made my life a hell of a lot easier after work.

As Spring is peaking around the corner I had thought about cutting back since I now have more daylight hours to work after work.

Today was beautiful. A bluebird sky and 50 degrees.

I got home and everything was done. Hay nets were full. Paddock was clean of manure. Buckets were dumped. Hay was stacked and ready for the week. Water troughs were full.

I finally had time to start playing with my horses. It was the greatest feeling.

I lunged Kippy. Worked with Indie in her new cavesson. Groomed everyone but spent some extra time with Aspen as it's her favorite. And took Bonita on a stroll around the farm.

I was in heaven!

Bonita basically acted like a puppy on a leash. The three horses were NOT OK having their little baby out of sight and took to galloping up and down the fence line in hopes of keeping her in sight. Bonita could have cared less about being away from them.

It was a really, really good day. So good, in fact, I took zero photos!

I think I'll keep my horse-care friend on board if she'll stay.


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