The 7-Month Start

As I detailed in my Nightmare post, our renovation took a long, quiet, and depressing hiatus without our consent.

Below, see the three months of progress...that came to an abrupt halt and remained untouched from October to February. Yeeee!

Somehow Collin and I managed to survive, remain married, and, eventually, even started to laugh at the insanity! Granted, we're still out a whollllleeeeee bunch of money...but, that's what that money tree is for right ...errr, court?

So, I give you...the 7-month start:

The kitchen: AKA a drywall box with original wood floors. Exposed ceiling with exposed recessed lighting. That is a new window to the right that overlooks the deck, driveway, and part of the pond.

The Restoration Hardware boxes filled with beautiful lighting pieces have sat untouched as well...

The dining room: AKA a wide hallway connecting the box of drywall to the rest of the first floor, includes "industrial" lighting feature.

The beam right in the middle is actually from our barn and very, very old.

As is the beam used for our mantle. I love the imperfections and irregularities.

Monogrammed sign pained by my mom!

The fireplace is currently gas but we'll be converting it back to wood burning at some point.

Below: powder room on the left, laundry room on the right.

The powder room: AKA a tiled closet without a door.

This will be a closet with sliding barnwood doors eventually...

The laundry room: AKA the most semi-functional yet drafty space in the renovation. Only because we were able to get/force the plumbing to be completed in order to have our washer/dryer delivered and usable. Otherwise, we'd still be without those amenities. Also, the exterior door is missing a door jam so we've stuffed a towel underneath to prevent snow and frigid wind from entering the house...because, hey, we also don't have a door on the laundry room. Bada boom!

I am in LOVE with this tiled floor. It is not old but looks that way. I think it's amazing. The best part is the terra cotta colored grout!! <3

That wonderful plywood insert will be a glass window.

And then there is the beautiful exterior as you drive down the driveway...yellow and green, just what I envisioned for my dream farmhouse...

Good new is: we're back on track and progressing! Even as I write this post, many things have already changed. It's such a relief.

The countdown is on for the cabinet install...3rd time is a charm!!

4 days to cabinets!!!! Yassssss!!!

Before and AFTERS in the not so distant future!


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