Rough and Easy

I've been thinking.

Maybe it's the winter. The gray, cloudy, bitter cold then 60 degree teaser days. Then right on back to snowy gray skies.

Work is fine. Health is... basically fine. I have family, friends, furry kids...

I'm (relatively) young. Life is easy.

But it's rough too sometimes.

I feel lucky to be in my 30's. I always feared that number. But having moved out of my 20's it's rather calming to be thirty. Well, to be precise, over thirty.

Your 20's are so volatile. You're finding your way, trying to make money, be on your own, figure out your life, figure out who you are and what you want.

As I type that, I guess that doesn't really end. It just seemed so much harder in my 20's.

Life gets more complicated, in some regards because you become wiser. Things mean more. Life has more layers and consequences are bigger. While many things become easier, others become more difficult.

But with wisdom and life experiences, also comes a sense of internal peace and calm.

Life is hard. Things happen that can't be explained and can't be fixed.

I think it's important to hold onto the fact that we've each been on our own unique journey to the point we are in life, right now. There is so much to be said for that. It's special.

Give yourself a break. Be mindful of how far you've come no matter how much further you think you have to go.

A quote that will forever reverberate in my mind:

OK, I have a hard time believing Richard Gere authored that quote but...that's neither here nor there. Rock on Pretty Woman.

But I was mainly referring to the last sentence.

It's so true. To grow old is a privilege.

If you can swing it with grace, even better.


This was all just a pep talk to myself.

So, thanks for listening.

I'm into these self-pep-talks because all too often my default attitude is:

Good day folks. Happy Sunday.


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