Ready, Set, Summer

With my new job (I continue to say 'new', however it's been over 3 years...), comes SUMMERS OFF!!! Every other summer before this, I've worked in the ER nearly full time. This summer, no. I'm not doing that. With the farm comes SO much work and the jobs are never ending. never. ever. ending.

The other day I heard someone say "oh, I don't have anything going on today." My life no long includes that statement.

Doug keeps an eye on the weeds among the landscape to make sure they don't get too out of control...

There is absolutely always something to do. It's taken me nearly a year to stop feeling overwhelmed and realize there is no purpose for those anxious feelings (of course, they are always under the surface).

Things will get done. I prioritize the animals and everything else gets chipped away at, slowly but surely.

After returning from our amazing trip to Portugal and Morocco (post to come! I swear I'll get back to this blog), I started working on our enclosed side porch and working in the vegetable garden. I feel accomplished even though it's not finished and it's not perfect.

I think that was my hang up and a large contributor to my feelings of overwhelm. Perfection. I want my house and the farm to be show ready, picture perfect...and that's not reality and it's never going to be that way. And that is OK, that's real life.

Just keep swimming. Swimming, swimming.

The beauty around us

Now back to the garden! Some late flowers are being sown today and zucchini, peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes are well on their way to pickin' time! We have such an abundance of veggies in our garden this year, I love it!


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