Pond Ducks

We've got bonafide pond ducks people.

Duck duck duck

My dad and husband took a whole day to move the little duck house to the pond, build a waterfront boardwalk, and build a simple fence around their home that opens into the water.

Per my usual, I researched and over thought this whole thing. The fence went just into the edge of the pond. I did not agree it was enough but everyone assured me it was fine. And they were tired and my dad likely gave himself a mild concussion. So, nurse Emily took care of dad and the pen was duck ready.

Well, I can never leave well enough alone. And Doug easily walked out into the pond and into the pen. So the next day, I took it upon myself to add on to the fencing, extending it further into the water. I also built a gate to keep the from entering the pond for a few days while they got used to their new home.

It was a damn challenge to say the least but I did get it done.

One day in the pen and one of the ducks somehow managed to get out of the gate so I took it down and let them out. And they never came back...

HA! Well, they didn't actually go far. They swam across the pond and stayed on the far bank.

They went to England.

Two weeks later, having lived completely unsheltered and unable to be caught, they were still alive! And they finally realized where the food was and came back to America, back to their pen, as originally intended.

It's great! And they are so happy with their pond freedom! They swim around, lay on the dock, sleep on the bank, and return when they're hungry.


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