Okay, Ducks Then

Yeah, go figure. Chickens just didn't play out this year.

Maybe once we get all four seasons under our belts we'll be feeling up to a new challenge.

But just hold your horses. We're not going totally birdless this year.

I have a wonderful lady who cleans for me twice a month. I'm convinced I could never clean my entire house as well as she can in one day. I just can't. I do believe I am a strange form of perfectionist. If I can't do it perfectly and exactly how I want it I just don't. So my way of cleaning is that I either focus on one thing and clean it completely or I have guests coming in two hours and I do a half-assed tornado surface clean.

Anyhow, I digress. This wonderful lady gave me two ducks that she and her special needs son raised from ducklings.

Now, Collin is sure they'll be fox/coyote/raccoon chow within two weeks but I have more positive vibes I'd like to send out to the universe on behalf of these ducks. So I bought them a house of their own and I've enlisted the naysayer and my dad (mainly my dad) to build a fence for protection.

These little critters have moved in to the old dog pen temporarily until the pond house and pen are ready.

Thelma and Louise. Pre-named. I just call them Duckies.

Since I've taken such a hiatus from the blog, they've actually been here for over two weeks and are doing just fine! They're actually quite easy! They poop a lot but are otherwise low maintenance.

Here they are, all grown up and chilling in their house.

No, I cannot tell them apart and they do not quack and I'm sorta scared of them.

They originally thought they were Pekins but we now think they are White French Muscovys. Whatever they are, they're ours.

Next up, the ducks moving into the pond house!


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