March 28. It's Indie's birthday! This year she turns 7! Wow! I got her when she was 4 and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown!

As an overly obsessed fur mom, I obviously celebrate all of my kids birthdays. It's not been so since last year. Indie's birthday now has a cloud over it.

Last March 28 was one of the saddest days of my life.

Our beloved Doberman, Morgan, died that day. He was only 4 years old.

He was the love of our lives. The life in our home. A little (big) light in any dark day.

To avoid rehashing every detail of the tragedy, as I unfortunately remember it so damn vividly, I'll make it short.

As I tearfully type...

It was a normal day. Sunny in fact. The dogs were out playing while I took care of the horses.

When I called for them, Morgan came down from the hillside, walking, then stumbling, and eventually got to me and laid down. I knew something was very, very wrong so I scooped my 90 pound baby up into my car and rushed him to our vet, calling them on the way.

I'll never forget his little head hanging over the back seat, looking at me in the rearview mirror. I kept telling him it will be okay. Just lay down buddy, it's okay.

By the time I arrived at the vet, he was agonal in my car. I ran into the vet and a tech helped me carry him inside. They intubated him, started an IV, and his heart stopped.

I will probably never forget that day. The traumatic experience of losing our very first furbaby in that way stays so vivid in my mind. I think about him every day.

Dobermans, unfortunately, can have a genetic heart defect called dilated cardiomyopathy. It either presents with signs of heart failure or sudden death. Morgan was basically in the sudden death category.

Just months ago I stopped crying about him. Thinking it was already an entire year ago brings those feelings right back to the surface.

Here is just a small sample of my favorite photos of our boy.

"And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one creature makes a void in the heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up." -Charles Dickens

Meet you at the rainbow bridge my sweet Morg. <3


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