I'd say I'm a dreamer.

My mind is always churning. I'm always dreaming and daydreaming about something! I've thought about starting an animal sanctuary, opening an antique shop, growing flowers, starting an interior design business. Lofty dreams.

And it's all come true!

HA! I kid! I kid.

Just thoughts. Dreams.

But I'll continue to dream. It's just my nature.

I do hope to one day make one or two of those dreams even a partial reality.

You can bet that I've also researched the living shit out of every possibility too....just how I am.

Now that we have the farm I feel like some of these dreams could be real possibilities.

I'd love to team up with our local horse rescue and start by "fostering" a horse or other farm animal for them so that they can say "yes" to more neglected and unwanted animals.

Then, there is this small and adorable yet dilapidated potting shed/chicken house behind the horse barn.

I envision restoring it. Handpicking beautifully unique antique pieces and stylizing them within my new little shop making it like a teeny, tiny curated cottage.

Hey, that's a good name: 'The Curated Cottage.'

Patrons would image that amazing one-of-a-kind piece in their own home. And no one else would have it.

In the summer, I would sell fresh flower bouquets and vegetables from our garden.

I'd wear a straw hat.

I would feature local artisan's goods. Art work. Local jewelry. Maybe talk my friend, who happens to live in a neighboring farm, into selling her small batch goat cheese at my shop.

Fix up the center part of the hay loft. Offer private dinner parties. Barre and yoga classes on occasion.

Now I'm really wandering.

My dreams are pouring out through my fingertips. It's usually all contained in my mind.

Blog version of word vomit!

The thought of failure and time constraints are really what stop my dreams in their tracks.

And, of course, the costs. And my job and my husband and my other responsibilities. Oh my.

I have a full-time job and bills to pay with said job. I am using most of the minutes of my days working and then caring for the animals that I've already committed to and love.

Plus finding quality time to spend with my husband, friends, family, time to exercise and occasionally travel.

Whew. Dream killers!

And we don't even have a human child/children at this point.

I remember reading a blog post from a horse trainer in Texas that basically said that once she realized what was important to her, what she wanted to really do in her life, she was better able to prioritize and get things done. Do the things she wanted to do.

How much can you accomplish in the hour it takes you to watch that show with those women bickering back and forth?

Hand raised. Guilty.

If I stopped that stupid habit of watching junk reality TV, I'd add at least a couple hours to my week.

How about time spent on social media? Hours more regained.

My intention for this year is to better manage my time. Remove those time wasters from my life.

Build self-confidence, not always expecting and anticipating failure.

I should take the advice I shared from The Wednesday Word to heart and realize that I'm a fool to not live my life "as fully and bravely and beautifully" as I can.

Now, to convince my realist husband... ;)


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