I looove eggs. Breakfast might be my favorite meal.

Though I'm not thrilled about the commercial egg industry.

I am on the wagon of buying free range eggs from the grocery store only when I can't get eggs from locals, friends, or family. I don't know if "free range" on a grocery egg carton is legit?...I'm persuaded to think it is not, they can basically write anything they want on a label these days and it's kosher. But it makes me feel better. If you read into the commercial egg's disturbing.

Buy fresh and local.

Now that we live on a real farm, I want farm fresh eggs. From well-cared for and loved chickens.

It makes a difference.

So I think I'll be adding those chickens this spring...

And poof, it's March...that really snuck up on me.

This is the "dog house" on our property. Collin sleeps there sometimes. Hahahaha.

ugh. My Lord I am not that funny.

Obviously, you should know by now, no dog of mine will ever reside in such a space. But it is a perfect start to a chicken coop, eh?

I have to admit, I did close Doug in that pen for a minute before this photo was taken. He cried immediately. I laughed and let him out. He's done with that life. Don't fence me in mom.

PS. Nana, do you recognize that wreath I pulled out of your trash?! Perfect chicken house decor!

I think some vermin-proofing and roost building will go a long way in the place. A fresh coat of paint maybe. There is a built-in run space that they can inhabit when not free-ranging. It's got a solid metal roof. A person-sized door for poo cleaning. (Cheers to more poo to clean).

I think it's a pretty good start.

I recently saw the Fixer Upper episode where Joanna built a chicken run all the way around her garden. Genius!

Maybe that is what I'll do since the raised bed garden is just to the right of the chicken shed.

I'm not well versed in chickens. I like furry things but I'm not against the feathered fowl.

My aunt has had chickens for as long as I can remember. My brother and I would spend summer weeks out there with my aunt, uncle, and cousins and loved holding the baby chicks that they hatched, eating fresh eggs for breakfast. But I never had to deal with the daily keeping of the chickens.

Honestly, I think if I can manage horses, nearly any other animal is cake. Am I right or am I right?

The adventures continue. Stay tuned for Beginner Chicken Keeping 101. Due Spring 2018?

Side to keep free range chickens alive with a wild Doug on the loose...? The chicken run around the garden is looking more appealing...

"Yum, chicken!"


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