Bleeping Cabinets Man!

We've waited so damn long for cabinets I seriously thought I was going to faint as I pulled down the long lane to the farm.

Do you know how many shades of gray and white there are?! It's outrageous.

I stressed and worried over paint colors for too long and after finally choosing Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice, I stuck with it. Yet, I never actually saw it painted on anything in person. So I was kind of nervous.

Waiting can certainly make you second guess yourself. And that's all I did for months. When we finally ordered our own cabinets (after we realized our first two sets were imaginary), I almost veered off course last minute and went with a dark navy paint!

Collin reeled me back in and said we are most definitely sticking to the original plan.

Good thing. Though I do love navy.

I made it down the driveway without having a panic attack and managed to compose myself enough to walk into the house and not pee on the floor.

To say that I am in LOVE with my cabinets is an understatement.

They are simple, shaker style cabinets, in a very pale gray [nearly white] paint. They're exactly what I had in mind. They're not quite finished and the countertops won't be installed for a couple of weeks but what a huge step towards the finish line!

Stay tuned for our countertop selection...

The progress so far...

Apparently, the island is one piece and they had to remove the window above the sink to get it in as it would not fit through the door... blink, blink...glad I was not there but our contractors were.

Gas cooktop will go in the island.

This space in the kitchen was previously a breakfast nook area. Since we removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen and we will have a breakfast bar at the island, we felt that was unnecessary. At our old house we used our kitchen as a place for our laptops so we felt that a desk area would serve us best in this space. It can double as a serving area if we're entertaining and blends with the rest of the kitchen cabinets (and will have the same countertop), just a bit lower.

To make the reveal even better, one of the young Amish men installing the cabinets handed me a wooden handled spoon when I entered. It had a post-it note attached to it from Jonas, the Amish salesman we worked with to design and order the cabinets.

Ugh, I melted. How sweet!

For the hardware...obviously I chose brass. What else?

I guess it takes me a long time to make decisions because out of the hundreds of choices at the cabinet makers I also couldn't choose and didn't particularly like anything. "Being difficult" is how Collin phrased it...

So after further deliberation, I found what I wanted from a company in England (now I was being super difficult) who had my perfect hardware. They are made by The Foundry Man and I would highly recommend this company!

The drawer pulls are not yet installed... <3

Our kitchen appliances were also delivered this past weekend but not yet installed.

Such progress after such a nightmare. I can hardly contain myself!


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