Before & After: Powder Room

I'm ashamed. Really. I can't believe myself.

I didn't even realize it until now.

I somehow I have no before pictures of the powder room...I thought for sure I took pictures of every area before the renovation.

Seriously. I'm just shaking my head.

But. Tis my reality.

The closest thing I have is this. Looking from the old dining room into the powder room.

You can see just how amazing it was. Beige antique photograph wallpaper... More paneling.

What you can't see: a wall lamp with the cord strung up over the door and plugged in on the other side... A leaking toilet and a seriously miniature sink.

It was a hot mess.

I had an antique porcelain cast iron sink that I found antiquing with my parents. I had every intention of installing it in our old house but never did. Thankfully!

It was the center of my design plan for the farmhouse powder room.

Without further ado, my first afters:

After staying at the Bedford Springs Resort, I fell in love with the french-doors-in-a-regular-sized-doorway look in our room. So as my inspiration, we used the original doors and turned them into french doors by cutting them down, repainting, and adding antique hardware from Steinbachers Salvage. I'm beyond happy with them!

THE sink ^^^^

And one last thing. Another fun favorite part. Look up!

An antique floor vent turned ceiling fan!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!

What's your favorite part?


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