Before & After: Corner of the Living Room

The whole house will continue to be a work in progress.

Corner by corner, I'll try to get better about showing the changes. This was my original intent with this blog but then the horses and dogs took over.

Even the living room is still under "development". Most would say it's just the details. But I'm a details kinda girl.

I'd say I have at least 3/4 of the living room is decorated to my liking.

Here is part of that section.

The before picture isn't the greatest but I think you'll get the gist.


I would have to say the living room was the best "before" room in the house honestly. It's not that bad. Not my style but not bad.

What we did was remove the carpet, refinish the original wood floors, repair and paint the plaster walls and add some molding/trim.

We LOVE the huge windows, however, they are not energy efficient and down right drafty so we will eventually be replacing them while keeping the size and look.

I'm also not sure why they had so many window treatments considering the farm sits on 21 acres and is way more than a stones throw to the road. So needless to say, they are gone as well.


Compared to the above picture, this is the corner to the left of the window. Difficult to see in the before photo.

And this is the corner to the right of the window in the before picture. Since I took this, we've added a brass letter "L" to the wall next to the glass cabinet that I think really completes this corner.

Not the best picture but it's real life. Blankets strewn everywhere and dogs laying where they please!

These are the same two windows from a similar angle to the before picture.

The paint color we chose for the living room was Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams. I love it! I wanted a neutral, pale gray and that's exactly what it is. We definitely get a lot of natural light in this room so if you're thinking of this color for a darker room, it will not appear quite as pale but lovely none the less.


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