Long Lane Farm was est. in 1857 and sits in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. While we have been told it was once an impressive showpiece, years of neglect have turned the entire property into a serious fixer upper.

My husband and I are on a journey to restore the farm back to its original glory, while incorporating our eclectic style.

We share our farm with two horses, two miniature donkeys, three dogs, four cats, and four ducks. Some are ours and some are honored guests. The inn is always full yet somehow ready for more.


My name is Emily.

I am a registered nurse, an animal lover, a gardener, and a dabbler in interior design and creative endeavors. I adore antiques and eclectic style. Mixing and matching pieces and adding unique twists on the norm.

I am enthralled with learning all I can about horses in order to become a more mindful horsewoman and create deeper and more trusting relationships with my own. I am passionate about rescuing animals. I swoon over dogs and cats, especially those who've been unloved.

I am a dreamer through and through and I always keep life interesting.


Here, I will document our journey and my thoughts...

renovations, home style and design, the journey with my horses, adventures with the dogs, cuddles with the kitties, learning how to homestead, digging in the dirt, growing all sorts of things, bits of travel, and everyday life.

Thank you for visiting! <3 

Long Lane Farm loves animals
Emily of Long Lane Farm